Bullet Journaling

Bullet journalling. You’ve probably heard that term tossed around a lot, on Instagram, YouTube, or even in person. To sum it up, a bullet journal is kind of like a hybrid of a personalized planner and a journal. Bullet journals are extremely customizable, and that’s why so many people are favoring them over traditional planners. 

I’ve kind of always been a planner-person, but I transitioned to using a bullet journal last year, after binging AmandaRachLee’s monthly bullet journal set up videos on YouTube. Since then, I’ve really grown to love it. For me, it’s kind of grown to be a “me-space.” It’s a place where I can stay organized, jot down my thoughts, and set goals and aspirations. It’s become a part of my daily routine now and it’s definitely helped me become a much more planned, motivated, and intentional person. 

image credits: Izzy Chiang

While it might seem like you have to get hundreds of dollars worth of stationery and make your journal look extremely aesthetic, I’m going to say  that’s definitely not the case. It doesn’t matter if your handwriting isn’t the neatest or if it doesn’t look like an art masterpiece, it just has to be something that works for you. I can definitely say that mine doesn’t look neat and pretty every day, but it works for me and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Some basic supplies I would recommend, however, are:

-some pens (different colours if you like colour coding)
-some pencils
-a highlighter
-a dot grid notebook 
-one or two rolls of washi tape or other decorative items

If you’re looking to be productive and achieve your goals this year, I’d advise you to give bullet journalling a shot! If you’re currently unsatisfied with your traditional planner, try bullet journalling too! 

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