American Cancer Society

The COVID-19 pandemic has had grave consequences on the economy and health of several patients. The American Cancer Society offers condolences to all those who have been affected by the national pandemic. We recognize the seriousness of the situation and are abiding by the laws regarding the pandemic. We further acknowledge that cancer survivors are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 as they often have weakened immune systems. Moreover, hospitalization rates have skyrocketed placing cancer patients in a vulnerable position. To conclude, cancer does not stop and neither do we! In fact, cancer patients need us now more than ever. However, at the ACS the safety of our volunteers, patients, and staff has and will always come first. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to suspend all in-person events through June 2020 (with the likelihood of extending through the summer). With that said, our June 27th Relay For Life of Tri-Valley event has been suspended. 

The American Cancer Society is experiencing a profound and devastating impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Major staffing changes have been implemented and leadership has taken 10-25% salary reductions. Several crucial fundraising events have been canceled or postponed, resulting in a $200 million shortfall and heavily impacting the growth of the American Cancer Society. Yet, we are still making efforts to assist cancer patients and keep the spirit to fight cancer alive.  

COVID-19 has had a crippling effect on the revenue of several small businesses and has put millions of workers at the risk of unemployment. Therefore, instead of coming together, we are making efforts to incorporate and engage local businesses and small members. Businesses supporting the fight against cancer will be highlighted as participating members and are enlightened to receiving shoutouts on social media (upon request). We strongly urge and request local businesses to collect donations on behalf of the ACS and hold Luminaria bags for people to purchase. 

Luminarias honor every life touched by cancer and are often dedicated to a loved one lost, someone currently battling cancer, or anyone who’s overcome it. During Relay events, Luminarias are decorated with names and sometimes messages to the people they’re dedicated to. Luminarias are then lit in remembrance of a life touched by cancer and a moment of silence is taken to remember the loved ones they’re dedicated to. With that said, we once again urge you to support the fight against cancer either by holding or purchasing luminaria bags and through donations. 

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