Is AI the Future?

Artificial Intelligence resembling the human brain, “Artificial Intelligence – Resembling Human Brain” by deepakiqlectis licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Computer Science has been there for over a century at this point, and it’s fascinating to see its growing changes over time. However, very recently, AI has been making an increasingly popular trend. Today, whether you agree or not, we depend on AI. You may be thinking… how? Well, take your GPS for example when you travel in your car. GPS guides are meant to calculate the shortest, if not, fastest routes to your destination. This is done using special AI programs intended to do so. Another example could be Amazon Alexa, or Apple’s Siri. They are voice recognizers, meaning that they can identify what a person says, translate it into words, and then provide the user with the most pertinent search engine article tab. Speaking of search engines, they themselves are, in fact, the best examples of AI. How do you think Google immediately returns millions of articles and searches at you once you search something? Well, it uses an AI algorithm to do so, which filters out all of the non-pertinent searches based on what is entered in the hotbar. 

AI has so many diverse applications in today’s busy world. Currently, AI is being used for things such as weather forecasting, cybersecurity, online shopping, robotics, and even cars! But climate change tends to be one of the main focuses. For centuries, there have been cycles of global temperature increases and decreases. However, with the increasing rate of carbon emissions and excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, our dear globe is being fried like a colossal oven. Computer engineers around the world are striving to predict the increase in global temperature and other factors of global warming, and AI seems to be one of the best solutions available. Using techniques such as Neural Networks, or computer networks that are intended to mimic the complexity and power of a brain, engineers could possibly predict what the weather and temperature will be like in a hundred years from now.

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