Global Education Club 2021-22

By Michelle Pan

The Global Education Club hosts weekly reading buddy sessions with elementary school students and organizes a peer tutoring program amongst students, promoting a collaborative atmosphere that allows the entire QLS community to come together. In addition, the club fundraises for various organizations, with two of the most notable being KHEN Cambodia, a NGO focused on promoting education for children with special needs or disabilities, and Room to Read, a nonprofit organization supporting international women’s literacy.

This past year, we finally transitioned back to in person activities, meeting at the Lower School Library twice weekly, to foster a greater sense of community at Quarry Lane. After school every Tuesday, volunteers help students from grades K-12 with any homework questions they have regarding various different subjects, promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge within our student body. On Thursdays, volunteers read books to elementary school students in order to expand their vocabulary and to improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Global Education Club Reading Program 1.53 MB View full-size Download

With more than 15 students this school year, well over 100 hours of commitment and dedication to club activities by volunteers, and another successful fundraiser, the Global Education Club has undoubtedly taken another step towards accomplishing its ultimate mission of promoting education for students on both the local and global levels. GEC is looking forward to another great year ahead!

For more information about the details of GEC’s activities, feel free to check out the overview slideshow:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to and!

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