Senior College Panel


We recently had the senior panel conducted on May 20th, 2022. Here, several seniors got the opportunity to converse about their experiences through their highschool life, college admissions, essays, activities, and more. They also provided a lot of useful tips about college admissions, specifically how to organize your colleges (e.g. through a platform called Scoir)–a highly important priority. There are three types of colleges on your list: Reach, Target, and Safety. Reach schools would typically include selective schools with relatively low admission rates but great programs and education . Target schools would also include selective schools, but schools that have a more likely chance of admission and good programs that would appeal to highschoolers. Safety schools include schools with medium to high admission rates and have average programs sufficient for highschoolers. According to the seniors, it is recommended to have a lot of safety colleges in hand as they would increase your chances of going to a college. One senior stressed the importance of this through stories of people applying to more reach schools than target or safety schools and being rejected from a majority of them. To increase college admission chances, it is best to keep a balance. The seniors then talked about the essays, arguably the most crucial priority. They claimed that highschoolers will have to write several drafts before their final draft. Most importantly, they said that it’s best to write genuinely in order to reveal to college admission officers who you really are as a person. If, for example, a serious person attempts to write a college essay with humor, that person would likely not write well. If that same person was originally humorous, he/she would be able to easily showcase themselves through their words.

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