Thank you, Mr Nguyen!

Despite his involvement in almost every aspect of high school life at Quarry Lane, Mr. Nguyen’s devotion to the school often goes uncelebrated. Now that he will no longer be leading the high school administration team, we would like to recount some of Mr. Nguyen’s best moments, most impactful contributions, and roles in his time at Quarry Lane.

“I first met Mr. Nguyen in the spring of 2021. I had just joined the volleyball team in order to try to make new friends, and I can confidently say I didn’t expect the high school director to be one of them. Mr. Nguyen was always so upbeat during practice, and he was an excellent volleyball player, too. And of course, I’ll always miss his bunnies!” – Audrey Kamena, Class of 2023

“Mr. Nguyen is one of the most considerate, generous, and deeply caring individuals that I have known in my career.  He assiduously works to keep things running smoothly and to calm people in a hectic environment.  His colleagues and students deeply respect him and will sorely miss his adept management.  He even brings donuts and eggs for Quarry Lane Staff every week. You really cannot ask for a better supervisor.” – Dr. Bialkowski, Psychology and History Teacher

“We are going to miss Mr. Nguyen’s positive energy that he brings to every situation, making you feel heard and appreciated. It has been a pleasure working with him at QLS!.”- Ms. McWilliams, College Counselor

“I am so thankful to have been supported by Mr. Nguyen on student council for several years. He is always on top of his tasks, and he really brings a smile to the entire high school student body. Mr. Nguyen has become such an integral part of the Quarry Lane family, and I’m going to miss taking candy/chips from his office or playing with his bunnies in my free time when he’s gone.” – Kushal Kodnad, Class of 2022

“Mr. Nguyen was a fantastic Math teacher and great colleague. He always had time for the students and was very supportive of the teachers.He cared a lot about the students and took care of the staff.”- Mrs. Zabrowski, Theater Teacher

“We owe a great debt to Mr. Nguyen for the years that he has dedicated towards the QLS community. Few educators can match his ability to simultaneously teach, coach, administer, and coordinate student activities, while maintaining the calm demeanor of a true leader. He will be greatly missed.”-  Mr. Squillante, Math Teacher

“Mr. Nguyen was a cornerstone of Quarry Lane’s high school. He always supported the teachers and gave us space to learn and grow. Most importantly, though, Mr. Nguyen always cared about the students. He participated in the clubs, organized events, and cheered them any time he could. He brought in rabbits, snakes, turtles, chicks, and anything else he thought people might enjoy getting to play with in order for them to take a brief brain break or just escape from their day for a minute. Students and teachers both knew that they could talk to him if they were having problems, and he was always there to listen and offer support. His absence will be felt deeply, and I wish him all the success in the world.” – Mr. Prine, Theory of Knowledge

“It has been my absolute pleasure to work closely with Mr. Nguyen as Co-Director of US for the 2021/2022 academic year. He is, and has been, a dedicated member of our QLS family and his loss will be felt keenly in our community. Although it is always sad to see family members leave us, I wish him all the very best in the next exciting phase of his journey.” – Ms. Clark, Head of Academics grades 8-12

Few directors are as involved, approachable, and effective as Mr. Nguyen, and his absence will be felt every day at Quarry Lane. We love you Mr. Nguyen, and we’ll miss you!

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