Serena Williams Retires after a Historic Career

Photo by alicja gancarz on Unsplash

Serena Willaims just announced that she would be “evolving away from tennis” after playing one of her last US Opens. The womans US open is a highly competitive tournament held in New York and is the final grand slam tournament of the year. In her Vogue shoot, Serena Willaims was remembered for her accomplishments on and off the court since her frist professional game in 1995. She has 23 grand slam singles titles, the most in the open era. From her humble beginnings with playing public courts in her hometown of Compton,Serena Williams has become an inspiration to many young female aspiring tennis players. Throughout her career, she constantly has been challenged about what it means to be a tennis player, especially when she won the Australian Open while pregnant in 2017. From when she began her professional career at 14, 26 years ago, Serena and her sister have changed tennis for the better. Off the court, Serena has started her own fashion line and is currently working on raising her family and exploring other business ventures. She has been an activist throughout her career, from boycotting the Indian Wells tournament after having racial slurs hurled at her and her family to raising awareness for black maternal mortality. Serena is an inspiration for all people whether or not they participate in tennis. 

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